About Casino Channel

We love passionate people and the stories they tell. Therefore, we have made it our mission to let more people take part of the unique journeys of some exciting Hosts. We do this by creating one-of-a-kind Jackpots to be won by our viewers, simply by playing fun games online.

These items and experiences can’t be bought, they are only available on Casino Channel in collaboration with our Hosts.



Our main Host and Founder, Patrik Gustafsson loves custom motorcycles and cars. To win your own customised vehicle simply play one of the games associated with Patrik’s Jackpot and you are automatically one of the people with a chance to win. If you are selected we will call you and play more games with you. - We put up the money, and you can become a winner!


Casino Channel Jackpots

Our unique Jackpots (items and experiences) can’t be bought, they are only available on Casino Channel in collaboration with our Hosts.



Our Hosts are people who have a passion they wish to share with you. Together with Casino Channel you can win these unique Jackpots and be part of a passion-project for our hosts, who help bring the Jackpot to life for the lucky winners.


Talk Show

Everyone who signup and play at one of our Casino Partners has a chance to win a jackpot. If selected we will call you up on FaceTime and play a game with you. We put up the money for the game all you have to do is play. You can win cash as well as the Jackpot of your choice.