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This BMW 1200 R Ninety is a custom design bike belonging to the first ten Bonesheart Specials Edition of 2017. With influences from the latest market trends, this bike represents Bonesheart’s future ambitions.

Our creative designs give you some ideas and inspiration for what one can create together with Bonesheart and your Bonesheart builder. We will assist you in the choice of various components such as forks, brakes, wheels, seat. Based on this we'll create the technical and functional specification for your specific bike, and finally choose the best suited builder.


Patrik Gustafsson

Patrik's great passion is custom products like motorcycles and cars. Together with their team, they have built four custom bikes waiting to find their rightful owners.

Or you choose to build your dream bike. We provide the right foundation of concept images, the right builder. Together, we'll see your journey from idea to your dream bike.

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